Welcome to the ixAssociates website

We are a UK based IT Integration business specialising in risk, compliance, eDefence, and network security solutions. We focus on providing organisations excellent value for money and practical working solutions.
We deliver a range of technologies and solution services that enhance security and risk compliance for a wide variety of organisations. ixAssociates has been providing information risk, security and assurance services since its inception.

We provide objective, independent, unbiased analysts and expertise. For our clients we go beyond simple product boundaries to deliver wholly integrated programmes of products and services that are truly optimal to their needs.
We work with our clients to make them successful in managing their security risks and threats by ‘de-risking’ the IT operational processes.
We do this by providing the business and technical resources coupled with leading edge technology to secure and deliver operational IT systems.
Our solutions and services are categorised into four areas:
  • Enterprise Network Security
  • Authentication & Identity Management Solutions
  • Secure Business Solutions
  • IT Audit & Assurance