We offer a range of solutions in four categories:

Enterprise Network Security

Security Architecture
The basis of protecting operations is to implement a trust model based on a verified security architecture. We design and deliver strategic security architecture designs that meet the immediate and long-term requirements of our customers.
Juniper Network & Security solutions
The emergence of Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD) has directly impacted the business trust model that existed. It has intensified the debate and realisation of who has access to your data and systems; where and when they have access; and how can they create, modify, alter and delete your information.

We have specialised in designing and implementing Juniper network and security solutions that resolve the headache for remote and onsite corporate users. We deliver and operate standardised, effective network security services for both corporate implementations and within the Cloud.

Cyber Security & Malware Prevention Solutions (eDefence)
ixAssociates has been actively involved in the design and implementation of CyberSecurity defences. We deliver a multidimensional service that aligns threat vectors, incident awareness, timeliness and costs to enhance and compliment existing, traditional security defences.
We provide our customers with the cyber defense systems that deliver fast, proactive detection and prevention of threats, while simultaneously reducing the time and resources required for updates.

Authentication & Identity Management Solutions

Hosted Authentication As A Service (AAAS)
ixAssociates launched in early 2012 a private cloud based authentication service that enhances non-repudiation, integrity and authentication to web-based and corporate systems.

Our AaaS service is designed to alleviate the cost, implementation and operational overheads of acquiring strong authentication. It is a safe, fast and reliable means of accessing protected services and information.
Strong Authentication
ixAssociates is the UK and Middle East distributor of Cidway Security S.A. authentication systems.

Cidway designs and manufactures mission critical two-factor authentication technology that is in use with banks, governments, telco’s and airlines around the world.

Working with Cidway, ixAssociates is able to minimise (and eliminate where possible) the human risk of weak passwords that hackers need to compromise targeted IT systems.

Our customers benefit from strong One Time Passwords (OTP) working seamlessly across devices and business applications; including Smart Cards, PCs, Tablet PCs, Smart Phones and specialist tokens. Combined with additional features such as digital transaction signatures this creates a fundamental security addition for eBanking and eCommerce applications.

Secure eCommerce & Business Solutions

Enterprise Rich Media
Video is no longer limited to the executive studio and special conference rooms. Now you can use the power of video throughout your enterprise to substantially reduce travel, event and training costs. ixAssociates specialises in doing so securely. Rich media content can drive people to learn about your products and services.

Partnered with VBrick Systems Inc., we greatly simplify the creation and distribution of content, making it easy to add video impact to educational webcasts, web sites, viral marketing campaigns, and many other applications.
Banking Solutions
Threats against web based e-Commerce and business systems are typically not one-time events or simple acts of mischief. Instead, they are complex chains of attacks against financial processing systems.

The perpetrators of these attacks not only use straightforward techniques, such as key logging and file stealing, but also highly sophisticated techniques, such as altering web pages and memory locations to carry out prolonged theft and disruption of services.

ixAssociates designs and delivers secure e-Commerce and business systems to prevent and thwart such sophisticated attacks, this includes the implementation of a secure browser, strong authentication, website anti-hacking deception techniques, Distributed Denial of Service defence, application firewalls and e-commerce and data base encryption systems.

These systems are robust and proven to deter and defend the most complex of e-commerce and financial systems infrastructures.

IT Audit. Risk and Assurance

ISAE 3402 / SAS 70 Audits
We deliver audits to a wide range of organisations utilising the ISAE3402 and SAS 70 audit methodologies. Working with our customers on a yearly basis we provide objectivity and clarity to the process of performance enhancement and controls effectiveness.
Operational Governance, Risk & Compliance
Effective Risk Management is challenged by the complexity of the tools available, the cultural understanding of risk, and the maturity of corporation to accept change.
We provide tools and services that resolve these issues in organisations aligned to their industry sector and needs. We work as both in-house information risk specialists and on a service basis.
COBIT 5 - A Business Framework for Governance and Management of Enterprise IT
We are well versed in the COBIT framework with over a decade worth of experience in educating organisations, carrying our controls objective assessments and business alignment to COBIT control attributes.

ixAssociates is actively supporting organisations that utilise COBIT 4.1 and 5 in maintaining the operational effectiveness. We provide specialist resources and tools as required on a service basis to our customers.